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There are different kind of learning approach. Learning styles are how an individual learn not what he/she learn. Some people has a combination of learning styles while some may find out that they have a dominant learning style.You preferred style helps to direct the way you learn and changes the way you internally represent experience, how you remember information and word you chose. When one know his/her method of learning it will help him/her to learn better.
The most commonly used learning approach is Fleming VARK model. This abbreviation mean V-visual, A-auditory-read/write- kinesthetic. The VARK questionnaire was develop to help students to know various ways to learning. It help those that are having difficulties in their learning. The VARK preferences can also help you to acquire an additional helpful plan for learning (Fleming2011).
This paper intends to summarize the writer style of learning, preferred strategies, compare preferred learning strategies to the identified strategies for preferred learning method and changes the writer needs to make in study habit.
Summary of preferred method of learning
After completing the questionnaire it shows that the writer preferred style of learning read/write and kinesthetic. This means that the writer of this paper has multiple learning style, and scores as follows read/write =11, kinesthetic =10, visual =8 and aural =7. With this result it shows that the writer learning preference are closely related. According to research multimodal preference learner dominate the greater part of all population and it’s mostly used when making decision regards learning. People with multimodal learning style are context reserved, this means that, they can select a single mode to suit the situ...

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...d easy to understand. Recreate diagrams and graph into word because they don’t deal well with diagrams and graph. Reading every parts of the textbook, including the cover, title, introduction, footnotes and about the author. This help you to collect information and have a quick understanding of the book.
In comparing preferred with identified learning strategies, the writer utilizes all the identified styles and will from each of these strategies identified with VARK model.
Changes necessary in study habits
Read/write being the strongest preferred learning method for the writer followed by kinesthetic does not mean the write cannot learn effectively with the other style. The writer can practice making notes after watching demonstration, videos, join classroom discussion, ask questions, use color highlighters to note important information, and listen to instruction.