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Did you know around 85% of teens pregnancies are unplanned? My cousin, Elizabeth, got pregnant at age sixteen, and decided to have an abortion. Some people don’t agree with having a teen pregnancy class in high school be mandatory. In my opinion, I believe it should be mandatory for teenagers to take a parenting class in high school. I’m fourteen years old, and know more about the teenage life and how it has changed over years. As a teenager, I think that if you’re responsible enough to be sexually active, then abortion is not an option! You need to face the fact that a baby is growing inside of you, and try to become a great parent. One step closer to becoming the best parent possible, is by taking a parent class in high school! Of course, I think students in high school should have to take a parenting class. In the first place, a lot more adults are most likely going to have children or perhaps adopt. In addition, I think all high school students should have to take a parenting class so that they can have more knowledge, and get advice on becoming a parent. Some knowledge the teens would learn are the basics on how to take care of a child or children. For instance, how to feed the baby, or changing diapers. Also, as the baby grows up you need to know how to properly discipline the toddler. The parenting class could also be taken for just basic babysitting skills. Maybe you want to start babysitting, but are nervous because you don’t know how to handle a kid? Well, a parenting class would be perfect for it. Another reason that I think teenagers should have to take this class, is because they need advice for the future. For example, say a teenager thought that she was in love, and wanted to start a life with her loved o... ... middle of paper ... ...nt to be a nanny after high school, and in the house were children. There is a chance that you would want to develop a bond with the kids, Education is key to any job, but there are also certain situations that you need to know how to communicate with children. If something severe were to happen, and the only way to find out was through the child, you would need to know how to handle him or her to get her to spill the beans. Education and taking this parenting class is a good idea for you. Hence, getting knowledge and advice, learning more about teen pregnancy, and having a successful education are only a few reasons why taking a parenting class in high school should be mandatory. In order for all schools to have a parenting class, take order by talking to your, or your child’s principal about making the parenting class in high school be mandatory!
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