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The machines truly are taking over however most people cannot see it. Whether it is seen or not technology has consumed humankind’s existence and without it people are lost and their lives are thrown into chaos. Technology has become so advanced and complex that it has taken control of humanity through cellphones that can gain any and all information to transportation such as cars, elevators, and escalators, making us lazy and unwilling to get off the couch and exercise. Cellphones have become a very important part in peoples everyday life’s but because people have put so much trust in them that when they malfunction a person’s entire world is thrown into a hectic spiral. Give a sentence that introduces the subtopic by listing the 3 pieces of evidence. Most people get angry, paranoid, and scared when they lose their cellphone or it malfunctions. As cellphones became more advanced people started relying on them more. By putting on contact information about another person, daily schedules, and personal reminders. People lives became simpler. However when these cellphones break life seems to fall apart. Because all the personal information that was put into it is gone in an instant. “Humans today are like most smartphones and tablets. Their ability to solve problems depends not on the knowledge the can store but their capacity to connect to a place where they can retrieve the answer to find a solution.” (Tomas). People think that cellphones make them smarter but really the cellphone is doing the simple task of finding the information. Something that any human is capable of but most people have grown lazy and would have technology do the brain work for them. “Drivers get lost without GPS”. GPS and maps can be downloaded onto any cellp... ... middle of paper ... ... and intellect. Many have theorized that one day the robots will end up destroying the earth but is it technology or simply humanities own lack of knowledge and physical skills that will be the true down fall mankind. While machines that hold incredible technologic abilities are being upgraded Mankind is being downgraded in the process. Calculators took away the need to learn math by hand and understand its theories. Computers took away then need to learn to write and use proper grammar. While cars, escalators, and conveyor belts have taken the place of a man’s own two legs. Mankind has the skills and intellect to make marvels beyond our own physical or mental talent. But with every new invention that helps our life and makes it easier to live our own bodies and minds suffer. The price to live is being paid by all of mankind and most don’t know what they are losing.
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