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Technology has had negative affects on people and their everyday lives. People have become much more lazy with the enhancements of technology all around the globe. It has made people much too reliant on connections with other men and women by having a constant connection to them and their phones. But even though having a constant connection with someone through cell phones and social media may seem that we are more social than we have been in the past, we are slowly becoming more distant from human interactions. Technology has made people so very much dependent on modern technology in their everyday lives and would have problems functioning without it. The negative affects of technology are significantly more than the positive outcomes and is deteriorating the human races progress in advancement. Causing generations of children growing up and being stunted in intellectual growth because of their dependence on technology. In such historical advancements in technology, one would like to believe that we are indeed going forward but we in fact are going in reverse.
It is obviously shown that technology has become so very far along making our everyday lives much easier. This may seem like a very positive thing at first, but something that makes work much easier is only good for a short amount of time and leads to laziness. After a while you become dependent on that such thing and may lose the knowledge or skill to complete that task. If you think back to prehistoric times when we didn't have fast food chains on every corner of the street, where we could just buy a cheap meal or drink, people had to go out and hunt for their meals and search for resources to survive and live. We live in a civilization where so very few people h...

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...f their lives or even leading to their deaths. People become so addicted to the accomplishments in virtual form that they start to have no interest in their own lives. Rather than these people going out and finding new jobs or improving their own reality, they stay on the video game and continue to throw away time and real money on a virtual life for them. The examples that I gave are only in the severe cases that don't happen too often but do in fact occur. Video games along with other technology in the modern day causes a distraction among adults and the youth.
Technology has had negative affects over the course of the past generations and hope to see future technology improve the negative outcomes. Technology has made people much too reliant on it and I hope we learn as a civilization that we must not rely on it in the future but the human species itself.
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