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Introduction: This was my first semester and when I came here, I got to know that the teaching style of Australia is way different compare to my home country. Following report shows the content which I learnt during the semester, apparently I have divided the unit in three parts. Seminar 1 and 2: To be familiar in course I thought that I should be well prepared before going in the lecture, so I had read week one and two lecture slides from learning@griffith and tried to understand it. In addition, In the lecture content there is another important part except lecture slides which is journal article reading which has two "information policy for Hong Kong school" and “the field of information policy: Fundamental concepts”. These two articles provide information about the context for the course. It was essential that I read this before attending the lecture. But, the main thing was that after reading it I was amazed and I didn't get any idea regarding the journal. First of all, I decided to understand learning methods (group discussion and video exercise) which could help me to gain knowledge about the course. Firstly the most obvious thing that I discovered was an idea about the fundamental of information policy and governance. After the lecture, I realized that the good team work is an important point to get the different idea about information and policy as I did group exercise in this lecture. During the lecture I got to know that everyone had their own point of view, many different ideas could be produced. Later on we discussed about the information policy which has main two part, whether it is good policy or bed policy and discussed couple of examples. Secondly, I have learnt about the governance and we discussed good ... ... middle of paper ... ... 11: I am really sorry to say that I missed the lecture because that day was my marriage day and had a party at my home. I know it was my personal issue but next day I did read course content and was trying to understand that, but I didn't get clear concept and I am confused yet. Conclusion: There are few mandatory things that I would have to include in order to complete the report. I learnt how to write a professional report including reference which are essential and should be in a proper way such as in APA style referencing. Coming to this course I learnt about information policy and governance which I never studied in my bachelor studies, so it was new to me and I took it as a challenge to study. After finished this semester, I got many things which will help me to understand all information in future about information policy and governance.
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