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The fourth card is important, according to the reader. This is the environment and it represents the impact of the outside world as it pertains to answering my question. This card is friends, coworkers, and family. She flips it. “The Queen of Cups” is my first non-Major Arcana. This queen is a soft, nurturing mother figure that is overly protective and kind. She possesses insight, love, and gentleness. This card immediately reminds me of Ezili Danto – the strong mother figure. The image is of a beautiful queen resting in a seat shaped as a shell. Her dress is a vibrant, almost mirror, color with a border that has pictures representing life (babies, fish, and other animals all depicted in waves). She is holding a chalice with light bursting out and a thin handkerchief draped over. The entire card has a very light, barely noticeable, seal stamped on it. She tells me that this card says that someone it out to get me – probably out to get my love. There are also signs that many people are trying to feed off of my love and respect as the flowing from the cup signifies. She says that her feeling is that specifically there is a female that I work with and she is after my love. Overall, the card signifies that I have great strength in the face of turbulence. The fifth card is the answer to my question. The interpretation of this card will tell me the appropriate action to take. The flipped card is the “Seven of Wands.” She looks excited instantly as she tells me “this is good.” The image is of a man on top of a hill holding a wand that spans the length of both hands spread out. There are 6 other wands leaned against the hill, seemingly pointing at or attacking the man on the hill while he is in an attack position. This card tells her tha... ... middle of paper ... ...ears tuning her trade, in the case of tarot this means that she has been building her interpretation of each card with every reading and with ever study performed on the deck. She first learned how to read cards by studying essays and books written by well-known tarot readers as well as studying from a practicing tarot reader. When inquiring about attaining her services, I gave special instructions to my friend that they were not allowed to talk about me in any way except to say that I was a student and I was interested in a reading in order to complete an assignment. I sent the details of my assignment ahead of time to get consent from the reader but I avoided personal conversation and I did not give her my name until the time of the reading. Due to the precautions taken, I am fairly confident that my faint relationship with the reader had no effect on my reading.
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