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In the United States April marks Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). During SAAM activists raise awareness about sexual violence and educate communities and individuals on how to prevent it. College campuses nationally have been receiving more attention lately on sexual assault. Young women are at higher risk for sexual assault than the male student. Universities are not the safe havens they once appeared to be. New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand said, “The price of a college education should not include a 1 in 5 chance of being sexually assaulted. And it is simply unacceptable that going to college should increase your chance of being sexually assaulted.” Unfortunately the University of North Texas is not excluded in this nation wide problem. This isn’t a problem that’s far away that we just read or see on the news. It’s a problem here in our school, our home; we need to raise awareness of this problem here in our place of study. Congress has enacted several laws requiring schools to disclose their security procedures, report crime data, and ensure victims’ rights known as the Clergy Act. I plan to make a motion to not just have the information on hand, but to be displayed. For the UNT Campus police force to have talks, promote the monthly women’s self-defense course, send emails, have information booths. It’s important for this information to spread; anyone can be a sexually assaulted victim regardless of sex, race, class, etc. Based on a research conducted by National Institute of Justice (NIJ), sexual assault is widely considered to be the most underreported violent crime in America.
(Audience) My audience will be University of North Texas Chief of police Richard Deter. Richard Deter is an elderly man who has worked with ...

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...there is a same gap image difference and we are all students trying to obtain an education to receive a degree to be successful. Using commonplace with the SGA should be an easy way to push my point across the members and audience. Also Using a little of both ethos and pathos mixed throughout the speech should also benefit in providing a direct point. Trying to appeal to the audience in an emotional stance with pathos. Perhaps providing instances when women have been assaulted will bring an emotional feeling. Also having ethos will also help strengthen my case on raising awareness. Ethos is mainly about credibility and image. Giving facts and having a credible and respectable individual at my side would also help. People tend to believe people they respect. Perhaps having someone like Chief Deter sit in the meeting and give input would help mold my audiences mind.
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