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This painting by Jan Brueghel called The Sense of Hearing is a detailed piece that allows the viewers to “hear” the painting. Starting from the top left, there is a group of musicians playing their instruments for an audience sitting at a table. There are multiple different paintings hanging on the walls all around the building. On the bottom left there are various different instruments scattered on the floor ranging from a piano to different string instruments. There are also wind instruments like a trombone and a flute. Throughout the painting you will find many birds perched on stands or fences. There are also mammals such as a dog and a deer like animal. On the far right there is a clustered table with different clocks, bells, and whistles scattered on top. You will also see 6 unique clocks on the back wall near the huge openings. There is also a naked woman playing a string instrument while a puti is reading musical notes. The puti also seems as though it is listening to the women play music. Although the majority of the painting is in an indoor setting, there is a huge opening in the back, which shows the distant hills and a natural landscape. The indoor area of the painting has a very warm feel to it. There is golden wallpaper that matches with the golden frames of the clocks and the wooden string instruments. Along with the golden patterns, Brueghel uses a vivid red color for the different fabrics such as the tablecloth and the imported rug. Contrasting with this warm hue of the indoor, the outside scenery has a cooler feel from the grey clouds and green trees. Many of the lines that are used in this painting are vertical lines that run from the floor to the ceiling. There are also curved lines that connect the 2 ... ... middle of paper ... ...cks are typically used to symbolize time, in this painting it is used to show the different music that comes from different clocks. It can represent the constant ticking of the hands on the clock. The part of the painting that interests me the most is the way Brueghel blended the clustered indoor space with the open and natural environment. It took me a while to recognize the rifle and pistol lying on the rug. I understand that guns produce a explosive sound but I am puzzled as to why there were only 2 shown in the painting unlike the unrealistic amount of clocks and instruments shown. I believe this painting would still have an appeal with today’s modern audiences because many of the objects in the picture are still relevant today such as the clock and guitar. Because of this we are able to hear these objects in our head as we enjoy this detailed masterpiece.

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