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1323 words

The sweat fell from his forehead and dripped down his nose. Tie Guanyin (Iron Buddha) was two points down and it was the match point. Long Xing Quan (Dragon Fist), the best of all Ping Pong players had lost his last match against Tie and had to reclaim his victorious title. Everything felt much slower for Tie as he stared down his opponent. Tie was revered for his passion and as equally for his talent at Ping Pong. He was 15 years old and tall, just under 6 foot, he looked handsome with his dark brown eyes and his black, spiky hair, which was spiked off to the side. He was up against a tough opponent, Long. He too was handsome, but in a more mean way. Aged 14 and his eyes were fixed at an 'angry' angle, and his dark brown hair was long and spiked towards the ceiling. Long held the ball in has hand looking straight back at Tie. He raised his hand and in one cold breath which held everyone, he struck the ball with such ferocity that it echoed through the hearts of those watching. Tie struck back with the intensity of one thousand Lions. Both players were immersed in their match. Long started to get frustrated with Tie as he would not give in. Suddenly at that moment, Long hit the ball with enough spin that Tie got confused. That was it. Long had won the match. Long went off into the crowd and celebrated while Tie walked out onto the cold wet streets of Melbourne and started to walk home. A couple of his friends hurdled over the crowd and followed him out.

"Don't beat yourself up over it Tie." Lizzy said, she was a girl of 15, Caucasian, long frizzy orange hair and a little bit smaller than Tie.
"Yeah man, you've won one, he just won one. There's still one more match to go." added Jake, he too was Caucasian and a little bit smaller ...

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... the ball hitting the bats. This game was intense. They were throttling the ball like there was no tomorrow. Long slipped and hit the ball back to Tie as a perfect serve. Tie had to think. Whether he wanted to take the risk, win and have glory, or lose and not get majorly hurt by that gang. What would he do? The ball was coming towards him. There was nothing else to do. Tie smashed it, and it raced towards Long but he couldn't do anything. The ball hit the table and bounced off. The crowd was cheering for Tie. He had just won the match! A smile filled his face! He couldn't have been any happier! He had beaten Long! The title of "Melbourne's Best Ping Ponger" went to Tie Guanyin!

That night Tie had a party and invited all his friends, even Long. The night went on, and they all celebrated, but now it was set in stone. Tie Guanyin - The Melbourne champion at Ping Pong.

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how tie guanyin and long xing quan, the best of all ping pong players, lost their last match and had to reclaim their victory.
  • Narrates how lizzy, a 15-year-old caucasian girl, said, "don't beat yourself up over it tie."
  • Narrates how tie's parents told him to cheer up and not let it get to him.
  • Narrates how tie retaliated and long sarcastically said, "go away long, i don't want to talk." he felt a fist pound his nose and buckled over.
  • Narrates how tie sat quietly in the front office of his school, waiting for his father as he was suspended from school for the rest of the week.
  • Narrates how tie sloppily walked to the car as any child who had just been suspended would.
  • Analyzes how tie's father apologized to long and his gang for bullying him. he punched long in the face, which could cost him his entire ping pong career.
  • Narrates how tie's father said to him, "i'm sorry. i promise it won't happen again. was it a good hit?"
  • Explains that tie had been practicing his speed in his hands, and wrist action for all of that week. his parents were furious at him because he punched someone in the face.
  • Narrates how tie went out to see his friends that night, and a gang pushed him over, lifted him up, slammed him against the wall. "you will forfeit your match against long next week."
  • Describes how tie ran to lizzy's house and told them about his encounter with the mysterious gang. they suggested he win, no matter what.
  • Narrates how the boy went through the next week of school without seeing long anywhere. he heard a rumor that he had broken long's nose. today was the day of the ping pong game.
  • Narrates how tie guanyin and long xing quan walked slowly up to the table, facing the fear of who will come out victorious.
  • Analyzes how long's serve, and tie couldn't tell if he was going to win or lose. each second that ticked by was frightening.
  • Narrates how long and tie hit the ball with such ferocity that the crowd cheered for them.
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