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The first lecture was about the indigenous ecological knowledge and its importance related to cultural transmission and sustainable livings. Otherwise, it gave more information on the resource management and methods in order to develop the use of appropriate technologies for living such as hunting and agriculture, also, it can help people to get experiences and to increase the knowledge about their indigenous resources. The lecturer, Nancy Turner, argued that spreading and sharing the indigenous ecological knowledge is important, and we should keep it because it allows communities to realize their own expertise and apply their own knowledge and practices to help protecting and maintaining the way of lives and living sustainably. Nancy provides some examples, such as seaweed harvesting to support her argument. Also, she detailedly showed how and what is the best time to harvest the seaweed.
From the lecture, I have learned some survival strategies such as how to take care or harvest the existed resources, and it lets me know that spreading indigenous ecological knowledge is one of the most important things that can make the sustainable development progress. People in the community who are closely connected to the local surroundings are usually can timely notice the environmental changes (Inuit Observations on Climate Change, 2013). The reason is their knowledge is derived from long-term observation and caring of the resources. In my opinion, I think the indigenous ecological knowledge can improve the people’s awareness on the environmental protection from the process of the observation and practices; thereby it can enhance and promote the sustainability. Indigenous knowledge is passed from generation to generation, and it is...

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...o live, and our later generation might not access a healthy environment to survive. Therefore, I support Werner’s argument that we should put more focus on the environment, and each of us should pay attention to the behaviors to the environment.
During the question and decision period, there are some students asked something like “do you like your current job and what do you treat the science” because Werner is both a scientist and an activist.. He pointed out that science is a job, and he really likes it. He said that he likes environmental studies, and he thinks it is very exciting to work on the science especially for the climate change. Moreover, when he is doing and being an activist, he can appeal to the public and improve the social awareness on the environmental protection. He quite wants to see a healthy earth and the fast progress on the sustainability.
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