supporting foreign aid

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“ Foreign aid has long been one of the most unpalatable dishes on the federal plate ” (Gaouette, 2014). Developed countries have been considered to provide foreign aid for improving poor countries from misery. In addition, some rich countries give money away to help others on purposes because they expect to obtain the many benefits themselves such as growing the economy, creating more power, and having more security borders. There are many problems that may cause negative effects. For example, foreign aid can be wasted because of corruption, since it is hard to verify how how the government manage expenses. However, wealthy nations should provide foreign aid in order to decrease the number of starving population, but financial aid can be corrupted by the government, so they should give specific supplies to poor countries such as food aid, military aid, and loans. Giving funds, services, and goods from one nation to another, are called foreign aid, help poor countries to survive through calamities. Furthermore, the United States provides most of foreign aids about 180 needy nations such as Middle East and Africa ,that spend about 50 billion dollars annually (2013). Donor nations offer not only financial but also commodities, technical advice, and training. In a history, foreign aid has started during World War II, when it was used to support reconstructive economies of Western Europe and to assist the Soviet extension due to the consequence of World War II. In the 20th century, the United States and other nations constituted the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for reconstruction and development that they would assist reduced debt also developed economy. George C. Marshall, was the United States se... ... middle of paper ... ... stabilization. On the other hand, the another researcher said that it rarely affects developed countries, but they suppose to help poor countries without taking any advantages as humanitarian aid (2014). Besides, foreign aid can affect developing countries in a long term changing poor countries to be rich, so if the government spend money direct to people who really need it, international aid will work effectively also reduce other problems that might affect worldwide.Therefore, many poor countries still need help from wealthy countries due to catastrophe, that means they may not survive without international aid. International aid can provide in various factors such as food aid, military aid, and loans to prevent government corruption. It will be easier to give specific objects straightforward to poor people than offer money through the governments.
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