study objectives

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My studies goals are combine a passive monitoring of the Domain Name System (DNS) requests with the respective analysis of these data to infer possibles suspicious traffics. The automatic analysis will pay attention to behavior similarities and related with malwares and botnets activities. Nowadays the networking security is the most important piece to maintain the privacy and the businesses of profit and non-profit organizations. The attackers almost the time have control about the detection mechanisms. Malware implementations always are in front of the defenders softwares and gone around that to achieve its victims. However, the massive attacks are potentially more destructive and they have a significantly network usage. As the DNS is a core protocol in the Internet working the first of all movements passes throughout the DNS servers. Therefore, monitoring passively all DNS requests can give directions about new malware attacks or subtle activities of botnets. Moreover the passive monitoring provides an invisible mechanism under the crackers point of view. This approach is not inno...
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