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How are You? ACME WIDGET 4/2014 Introduction Everyone experiences stress and stressors. Stress is normal in everyone’s life. Stress can range from minor to excessive. Stress can be a motivator or an inhibitor depending on how you handle the stress. Excessive stress can affect your work output and affect you physically and emotionally. If you feel the stress is affecting your health you should see your Physician. You will be better able to deal with stress with a positive outlook. Emotions can spread quickly from one person to another. Controlling your reactions to stress with a positive outlook will give you better results while interacting with others. Conversely, the others negativity will not affect you as much. The handbook is not comprehensive but is designed to give you a general understanding of stress, symptoms, effects on your body and some ways to combat stress. Defining Stress Stressors are a catalyst for stress. The stressor can be positive or negative. There are several types of stressor categories: Environmental - overcrowding, loud noises and bright lights. Life Changes - divorce or a loss of a close family member. Workplace - high job demand, low pay and over worked. Chemical - tobacco, alcohol and drug use. Social - family and friends demands. Daily Events - traffic, lost keys or being late for an appointment or work. Physical stressors can cause stress on your skin, bones,tendons, muscles and nerves which causes tissue damage. Chemical stressors cause stress that relate to metabolism and tissue repair. Learning how to minimize your stressors and handling the stress you experience is known as Stress Management. Stress - Physiological responses that occur when a person does not r... ... middle of paper ... ...oals. Reducing your unnecessary tasks can reduce your stress. 9. - Do I have a technique toolbox? There are a multiple techniques for managing stress like deep breathing, laughing, exercising and talking to family or friends. Learn what worked better for you and the situation you are in. 10, - Do I allow for mistakes? We all make mistakes, we hopefully learn from them. Striving to be your best is not the same as perfectionism. Some research shows the perfectionism will impede success. 11. - You don’t have complete control of your working environment but a positive outlook even when you are in a very stressful situation can be the difference between succeeding or failing. Managing stress at work will not require making a large change or rethinking your career choice by taking control of one thing that you can always control, That one thing is - YOU!

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