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This is Jeff. People think he's a square. Maybe it was because he was a geek. Was it because of his glasses? Was it his clothes? He wore a buttoned red shirt with tan pants. Maybe it was his hair? It matched his hazel brown eyes. He couldn't figure it out, but Jeff didn't care. He was an ordinary shape. He went to school and got all A's. He went to Sunday school every week. He didn't play many sports, but had a vivid imagination. The difference between Jeff and regular boys was that he lived... IN SPAAAAAAAAACE! Jeff lived on a three holo-ringed swirly orange cream planet with asteroids and a magma red sun. Everyone there lived in the Space Dome Colony. The houses each had a glowy green stained hexagon bubble window on top. Jeff loved it because he could jump high off the ground with no effort as he bounced around like the bouncy balls he was so fond of playing with. He loved the different colors and patterns, and would jump as high as he could and thrown one down and see how high it bounced. But the one that bounced the highest was Vincent's. The rumour was it that it bounced so high that it circled the whole planet and came back to him. He was the coolest triangle ever. His black sunglasses, his stylish hat, his leather jacket, and even his jeans screamed awesome. He seemed the best at everything. Anything you could do, he could do better. Everybody wanted to be him and everyone wanted to play with his legendary bouncy ball. But no one has ever even held it, but Vincent himself. Until one day... Jeff was coming back from school when He saw Vincent throwing his bouncy ball against a wall. He saw Jeff and said, "Hey! Jeff! Want to play some ball?" Jeff was frozen. He thought to himself, "Me? He wants to play with me? ... ... middle of paper ... ...eff next saw Vincent, Vincent tried to hide. Jeff shouted, "I'm not mad at you Vincent." Vincent continued to cower and replied, "You're just trying to trick me!" Jeff shouted back, "No! I forgive you." Vincent emerged from hiding, puzzled. "Why?" Vincent asked. Jeff explained to Vincent that God wants us to forgive others no matter who they are or what they've done. Vincent admitted to Jeff that he was sorry and that no one had ever forgiven him for anything. They always held it against him. Jeff told him that those people aren't what a friend should be. The two of them decided to be friends and try to help others forgive too. They were walking back home when Vincent asked, "Hey! Wanna play some ball?" Jeff screamed, "NO WAY!" "I'm just kidding!" Vincent replied. They both laughed and headed home. See? It all worked out for the good guys at the end. The end.

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