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In the year 1999, on a tranquil street named Washington, lived the Jefferson family, or at least what’s left of it. Only Tim and Billy remain of the once four member family. Tim was a well known respectable doctor who never loses a patient. Billy is homeschooled and never leaves the house. This made all the neighbor kids suspicious.
In late December, 2 years ago, Hilda and Heather were killed in a car crash. Hilda was Tim’s wife and Heather was his daughter. Hilda and Heather were going to get a giant remote controlled airplane that Billy has been begging for. On the way to get the airplane, Hilda and Heather were encountering an unexpected stoplight that was red. Panicking, Hilda braked hard but was on solid ice and slid out into the intersection. When they were out in the intersection, a semi smashed into the side of the car instantly killing Heather and later killing Hilda. Tim missed his endearing wife Hilda so much, everyone tried to mollify him.
Everybody in the state knew about the tragedy. But what they didn’t know was that Tim kept Billy locked in the basement. Tim did this because he blamed Billy for making Hilda and Heather go get the remote controlled airplane. One week after the accident, Tim dropped Billy out of school to be home schooled. Everyone thought Billy was going into depression and that’s why he stopped coming out of his house and socializing. The basement where Billy was kept was squalid. Tim was shrewder on the inside, but looked devout on the outside. Even though Billy was acquittal, his father wouldn’t accommodate.
One morning, the town sheriff went to the hospital for a bullet wound that grazed his left arm which wasn’t bleeding because he had it wrapped. The town sheriff’s name was Tomas Green. He was...

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... helps Billy to his feet, they start heading for the stairs. They get to the foot of the stair case and see Tim standing at the top with a knife.
“How dare you”, Tim screams as he rushes at Tomas with the knife. Tomas, as fast as the speed of light, pulls out his revolver and shoots Tim in the head. The lifeless body trips and rolls down the stairs to Tomas and Billy’s feet.
“Come on, let’s get out of here”, Tomas says to Billy as they walk out of the house. Later, more cops arrive with a team of paramedics to the house.
One of the paramedics said to Tomas, “How could you kill the best doctor in town”!
“I had to do what I had to do” replied Tomas. The acquiescence rose over the paramedic, so he nodded and headed into the house. Then, Tomas looks at Billy and says, “How would you like to be my son”. Billy excitedly answers yes and they walk off together in the sunset.
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