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Everywhere you go, you find your self in a stereotype or stereotyping. While this is a very negative habit, it has somehow managed to weasel its way its way into social acceptance. Now, more so than ever, with the new war and terrorists attacks America has seen and dealt with. Still, the affects of the hackneyed image people have about each other have been present since as early as I can remember. I too am part of the conventionalized idea that because of a feature I possess I am considered to be like everyone else in the group. Which I did not join, and feel does not exist at all.
I had always thought myself intelligent, not brilliant by any means, but definitely not dumb. How ever, my blond color hair will and has given others the impression that I am a dull-witted person. I am a victim of the "dumb blond" stereotype. I am "supposed" to sit there, twirl my hair around my fingers, giggle, answer questions with a glazed look in my eyes while nonsense comes out, and cock my head to one side when I think really really hard about nothing. Those who know me will say that is not my persona at all, but others who have not taken the time to know me believe I actaully have less of an IQ due to my hair.
It is really hard soemtimes. You can let the "dumb blond" jokes slide, the comments like "did you eat some of that bleach you dyed your hair with?" the "typical blond" eye ro...

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