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Listing Agreement (now called a service provisions agreement)
1. A type of employment agreement between a principal and a agent
2. It authorizes the broker to try to find (procuring cause) a ready, willing and able buyer on terms acceptable to the seller.

1. Seller is the principal
2. The broker is the agent
3. Salespeople are the sub-agents of the seller
4. Cooperating broker is the agent of the listing broker and the sub-agent of the seller
5. Salespeople in the cooperating brokers office are agents of their broker

1. Names of all parties
2. Accurate description; does not have to be the legal description.
3. Terms and conditions (i.e. FHA or VA sales)
4. Commission
5. Asking price
6. Items included or excluded (i.e. Stove refrig)
7. Signature

Responsibilities to the principal
C - Confidentiality
L - Loyalty
O - Obedience
T - Trust
D - Do care/ do diligence
A - Accounting/ accountability
D -Disclosure

Responsibilities to principal
1. Licensees must Represent the general public fairly
2. Without deceit or fraud
3. Duty is over and above a fiduciary duty to the principal
4. Broker should never accept a fiduciary duty that conflicts with his/her duty to the general public
5. Reason for the rule is to be certain the public is protected
A. Patent defects
0. A defect plainly visible or as would be disclosed by the exercise of ordinary care
0. You do not have a duty to disclose a visible defects
B. Latent Defects
0. A licensees must reveal all known hidden defects
0. Is hidden or concealed one that could not be discovered by reasonable inspection

2. An opinion not made as a representation of fact but in tended to enhance the value of property
Selling Disclosure Statement
2. Took effect Jan. 1994
2. Requires seller of one to four family residential properties to disclose defects in the structure in writing
2. Filled out by the seller at the time of taking a listing
2. Licensee should not participate or help to fill this form out
2. Licensee should encourage the seller to be truthful
2. licensee is required to provide a copy to prospect before presenting the offer
2. if the buyer does not get a copy they have the right to resend the deal until the deed is conveyed

Types of Listing Agreements

Exclusive right to sell listing
Property listed with only one broker however, seller promises to pay commissions no mater who finds the buyer during the listing period.

Exclusive Agency
Property listed with only on broker however, seller reserves the right to find own buyer and not pay a commission

Open listing (Pocket Listing)
Property may be listed with more the one broker however, the owner reserves the right to find their own buyer and not pay a commission.
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