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Stereotypes are defined as a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. I believe that no matter how far away we think that stereo types are they really are much closer and being expressed more than we know. There are many different ways to stereo type someone for example you have Racial stereotypes, Religious stereotypes Ethnic stereotypes National stereotypes "Gender" stereotypes (including ones based on sex and on sexual orientation), Age stereotypes Physical stereotypes (those based on weight, height, hair color, etc.) Disability stereotypes (physical or mental) Professional stereotypes (based on jobs--e.g., plumbers, dentists, etc.) Cultural stereotypes (based on subculture--e.g., goths, emo kids, preps, etc.).

I have personally endured stereotypes because of my appearance alone. It has always been my personal goal to try and defeat stereotyping someone may try to place about me. I can remember when I first moved to Las Vegas two years ago my only vehicle was an 84 Cadillac Fleetwood. Granted this car is my project car and I am trying to fix her up bit by bit she is not the best looker out there, well it became time for us to purchase another vehicle because with two kids a second mode of transportation was a necessity. While on my search I frequented numerous dealerships trying to purchase an automobile. I cannot really say I was surprised, but once I stepped on the lot I received no attention there was a couple of times other people showed up and received service. I finally had to actually walk up to a salesperson and ask if I could take a look a something on the lot, however even then I was directed to the cars of lesser value and what they deemed as easier for me to ...

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...tively impacts their lives. One that has been stereotyped knows that the situation does not feel good at all honestly it makes you feel that sometimes your are less than someone else. I was taught in school that the Declaration of Independence states that “All Men are created Equal” is this is true why don’t I receive a fair shot?

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