stem cellcontroversy

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Stem cells are cells that have the ability to help thousands of people. These cells can help make dreams of finally getting rid of the wheelchair or bed become realities. They have the power to differentiate into any cell type, giving scientists hope that one day they can fix and repair organs damaged by disease or birth defects and help fight against diseases that impair a person’s quality of life. However, it is not the uses or benefits that can come out of using stem cells, but it is how scientists and researchers obtain the stem cells that have sparked debate over if it is ethical, moral, or legal to first acquire, and then use, the cells for human use and research. Stem cells can be obtained through a mother having an abortion, excess embryos through in vitro fertilization, or by saving the umbilical cord by freezing it and using it for future needs. The other controversial part of using embryos for stem cells is the idea that an embryo has the potential of becoming a human being and therefore should have a moral status the same as a person. These are the areas that mainly spark the debate over stem cells.
Because of how the cells are acquired, they cross lines with the issue over abortion, in vitro fertilization, and whether or not an embryo is considered a “human” and if it should be held to the same morals. The stake over the issue of stem cells revolves around the human life itself. Proponents of stem cells say that until an embryo has not been embedded into the uterus, it does not have a human status and therefore could be used to treat patient who already are persons. They also propose to obtain cells through IVF as opposed to abortion because abortion is attributed to a deliberate act of killing human life while the fo...

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...of optimism and bring forth a new way of life and medical abilities all around the world for the benefit of people, family, friends, and oneself.
Science can be described as the pursuit of innovation, advancement and opportunity. Stem cells have offered scientists and the world a new doorway to treat diseases and help millions. The major, significant discovery of stem cells is their ability to differentiate into any cell type which can help rebuild damaged organs. One thing for certain is that these cells brought huge controversies over their uses, how scientists should obtain them, and if the embryos should be used at all on the basis that they should be held on the same morals as humans. Although with these monumental issues at hand, researchers have not given up hope that one day these stem cells will be widely accepted and be used for the benefit of the people.
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