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Having a firm resolve and the will to succeed, it is to this maxim that I attribute all my achievements to. I strongly feel that it is only with a sense of conviction and passion towards the endeavor can one attain success and it is this fascination for the field of Electronics and communication Engineering that makes me pursue my Masters Degree. The very notion of a telephonic conversation spanning across vast distances, breaking all the physical barriers always intrigued me. Over the years the advancements in the field of communication leading to breakthroughs in the fields of mobile and satellite communication only heightened my curiosity and firmly instilled in me a strong desire to grasp the underlying basics on which these devices operate. These are the factors that have helped shape the path I wish to undertake. Curious about everything around me, I was encouraged to dig deeper for the answers from a very early age and this I believe helped in molding my scientific temper. A sound schooling in an institution renowned for its standards of discipline and education helped in unleashing my creative skills and building my quantitative abilities and considering the universal applications of electronics in every aspect of life, my natural curiosity towards the field of communications and assessing my analytical skills, I chose “Electronics and Communication Engineering” as my undergraduate major. The three-year studies of Diploma in Quli Qutub Shah Polytechnic and three-year study at Bharat Institute of Engineering and Technology provided me with a comprehensive exposure to the core courses with sufficient practical training. I have acquainted myself with various subjects like Signals and Systems, Pulse and Digital Circuits, ... ... middle of paper ... of an academic and an industrial environment wherein the knowledge I have gained is put to an effective use. Keeping this desire in mind, I am determined to obtain Masters Degree at your university. Your expanding research and scholarly activities, world-class facilities and the guidance of eminent faculty including Fellows of IEEE will provide me the right environment to achieve my dreams and the chance to mould myself into a more competent individual. I possess the caliber and mettle to achieve the goal I have set for myself. I truly understand the hard work that I must put in to pursue this program. I am trainable and would be privileged to be trained in your university. I am looking forward to realize my dream through your institution and would be thankful for any form of financial assistance you believe benefits me most. Works Cited statement of purpose
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