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In 1933 30th of January, Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of the Weimar government. The president, Hindenburg asked him as they were the most popular party in the Reichstag with 30% of the votes. The president, army general and industrialists thought they could control him, but they didn’t. One long term reason that Hitler became the chancellor is the unstable and weakness of the Weimar government. Almost everyone in Germany thought it is the Weimar government that caused them to lose the war and signed the treaty of Versailles, they “stab them in the back”. Only 2 days after the new government came to power, Germany surrendered. Because of the weakness and slowness of democracy, not everyone in Germany liked the Weimar government, include the army, judges and some other important people. In 1920 when the Kapp putsch happened, the army didn’t stop them, after it was finished, the people who started the putsch only got a little bit of punishment. People call the Weimar government “peasants in a palace”. The government uses proportional representative government, which will create lots of small parties, that each have a small number of MPs, they must create coalition government, which is very weak and unstable. No party could get majority, so the government won’t be strong. The president had too much power, it is possible that he/she could turn into a dictator, which is what Hitler did. The weakness of Weimar government also caused the hyperinflation since 1922. They printed a lot of money to pay the reparation fees, which let the Germen Mark doesn’t worth anything. More than 5% of the population went unemployed and the industrial went down. The middle class got influenced a lot in the inflation, they have a fixed money so the mon... ... middle of paper ... ...story of fatal underestimation”. Hindenburg thought they could control him, but they didn’t. As a conclusion, Hitler became chancellor for lots of reasons, the weakness and unstable of the Weimar government, the great depression, the Nazi tactics, and the political fight between Franz con Papen and General von Schleicher. But I think the major cause is democracy, Alan Bullock used to say, “But Nazism was not some terrible accident which fell upon the German people out of the blue sky. It was rooted in their history…”if Hitler didn’t come to power, other extreme right wing parties might come to power too. “the mind and passion of Hitler… had roots that lay deep in German experience and thought, Nazism and the Third Reich were in fact a logical continuation of German history.” It is German itself the major cause, it the democracy that mad Hitler become the chancellor.

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