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Technology is more developed today and has helped people lead a more educational life. The most representation example of develop technology is computer technology. Because computer technology develops, the college can support student an education in online. Most colleges have an online class. When instructors give an assignment in online, students can work on it with their computer. Even though school has an online class, most students take a traditional class. The traditional class gives students more opportunity to improve student’s learning skills, social interact, and to be responsible.
If students take an online class, they need a computer to complete the online class course. They work on their homework and assignment, and they submit their work through the online. Students who take online class don’t have an opportunity to see instructor unless they have a serious situation. Most online class students contact their instructor with email. If students want to ask something to their instructor, they send an email to him or her. After students send an email, they have to wait to get response until instructor reply to them back. If students don’t understand what instructor say on the response email, they have to send to ask and wait again. Since they can’t communicate right away, students cannot understand school’s materials. However, the traditional class gives students more opportunity to improve the learning skills. Students who take a traditional class meet instructor face to face. Students can ask a question what they do not know to instructor during the class time. They do not need to wait to get answer. Because instructor gives students feedback quickly, student can more improve student’s learning skill quickly and easil...

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...ot have any option but studying. They have to have a responsibility to study for their grade. They will have a hard time to study at the first time, but it will help student. Later, they will know how to study their own style. They will not depend on the internet to find the answer without any efforts.
Before college starts the new semester, college students have to choose between online class and traditional class. Both online class and traditional class have its own characteristics. However, all students will be fine with the traditional class. They will feel comfortable the traditional class because they had been studied in the class room for elementary school, middle school, and high school. Online class students require knowing information about computer basic skills and some equipment, so only few people who can handle computer can enroll the online class.
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