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I grew up as a Southern Baptist. My family has always belonged to the same church and to this day my parents and my brother’s family still attend First Baptist Church in Forest City, North Carolina. One of the reasons Baptists are given this name is because they are not baptized as infants, but when they are old enough to understand the full concept of Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us. I accepted the Lord as my personal savior when I was thirteen and made a public profession of my faith by walking to the front of the church one Sunday morning. Many factors in the past have influenced my relationship with God and continue to do so daily.
I first learned to be a Christian from my parents. They took me to Sunday School and “preaching” on Sunday mornings when I was young. They made sure I was involved in the youth group and children’s and youth choirs while growing up. They taught me to say a blessing before every meal, and they laugh when I still occasionally break into our traditional “God is great, God is good . . .” version of grace I learned as a child. My parents were also the ones who taught me to ask for God’s help when I am in need of something or worried about an issue as well as to give God praise for all of the blessings in my life. My grandparents also helped further my Christian education. My Grandmother Hall made an impact on my understanding of church because she was very opinionated about what her preacher should and should not be preaching about from the pulpit. Her opinions caused me to think about what I believed in and why I believed that way. My family was very important to my upbringing in the church.
As a Christian, I feel there are several places where I can feel close to God. I love to be in...

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...his wife are unable to have children. The wife is so distraught with disappointment and resentment that her husband asks her, “Will you be able to love the Lord even if you can’t have children?” This is a question I have had to ask myself many times, and thankfully after many years of heartache I can answer YES! I realize that we are indeed going to be able to live full, productive lives even without children. (This could definitely account for the crazy love we shower on our dogs, Hunter and Dixie.)
My parents, sacred places I like to visit, and knowledge that God is with me continue to make a difference in my Christian life. I know that as I grow older I will continue to have experiences that show me God is present in my world. I hope I can continue to be a good and positive influence on those around me so that I can help them to see God’s presence as well.
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