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In the world today one never knows what to expect, The Attacks of September the 11th were only the beginning of our nation being challenged. Lately there has been a large amount of worldwide media coverage showing the damage of the world, attacks on churches, embassies, hotels, as well as schools. Any particular areas were Americans are or where there are large groups of people inhibit. And yet this is not only Americas war it is a war that we are all receiving impact from. Many Israeli’s may feel that Americans deserve to be punished, and many are upset with Yasir Arfat, as a result of their anger suicide bombers feel that they need to take a stand for their cause at the expense of themselves as well as other’s primarily Americans. In order to create change The Israeli people need to take a stand to help stop the attacks on innocent lives our lives and the lives of those we love.
March 18,2001 two Americans died as well as three others when two terrorists threw grenades into a Prostant church near the American embassy, this attack was aimed at Americans, killing embassy employee Barbara Green and her teenage daughter. Many Americans feel outrage at the attacks that are currently taking place, however the attack with Barbara Green hits close to home two innocent Americans killed by grenades while visiting a foreign country bodies blown into undescriable bloody images. This is an outrage, and the Israeli people need to take a stand to help stop these terrorists attacks from happening, just as our innocent Americans are be killed, an Israeli can be harmed in the process. Is that what needs to happed before Israeli’s take a stand? After the attack on September 11th America had a tragic loss, the mass deaths of a wide rage of nationatalities were to be accounted for on American soil. We as a country have accepted our lose and have moved in, in hopes for peace in our society. And yet whenever we begin to feel safe there has been another attack on either on of our churches, or our people. Daily there are attempts being made to harm innocent Americans. When will you help to make the Attacks stop? Violence is all many know however peace has an overall justice that out weight the effects of violence.
With Passover just under we were hoping for a peace treaty to come into effect, especially after the attacks killing two Americans on March 18,2001.

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