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Rhetoric and persuasive use of speech is a craft through which people are moved and their ambitions are stirred towards achieving the ends sought. President Ronald Reagan’s following speech that we are going to analyze here, is an epitome of rhetoric through which he inspired the awe in the West German audience. Let’s see what it has got:
Rhetorical Situation
The audience is the West German masses who are listening to the President Ronald Reagan very excitedly. These masses are very elated to have Mr. Reagan among them. The other audience is the German authorities, which include chancellor of Germany and mayor of Diepgen.
The speech is made at the Brandenburg gate which is located at the foothold of Great wall of Berlin that divides the East from West Berlin, a symbol of Communist and Capitalist Europe. The speech is made at a time when efforts to end the cold war ware being made. The speech was aimed at creating a sense of well-wishing for the audience which it successfully did.
President Ronald Reagan is the president of world’s superpower. ...

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