sourthern versus nothern theories

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1. Southern theories 3.1 Indigenous theories Connell (2007: 90) suggests that southern countries need to form their own concepts for our local information rather than use concepts of the northern countries such as Europe and America. She state that this can be achieved by not using nor relying on the northern resources but find the concepts in our own social theories. Connell gives the example of a Nigerian poem which is narrated and explained by Akiwowo (1980) - a Nigerian author. The poem shows the importance of indigenous culture in sociology and how it is supposed to be conducted. Akiwowo cite principle of sociology from the accumulated wisdom and observations of his community elders and intellectuals. He uses the myth of an oral literature traditions, this shows how we can enhance oral sources from our historical times and social analysis. Akiwowo has contributed to sociology knowledge in an African perspective, state (Connell 2007, 92). The notion of developing sociological ideas from African culture is also supported by makinde. Although akiwowo has been criticised by Lawuyi and Taiwo, akiwowo in defence state that these two author fails to understand his writing and argument. However Connell 2007: 95 state that this issue of indigenous concepts raise questions of understanding. Connell state that if two authors of the same culture find it difficult to understand a concept raised by their own, then it means that it will be much more difficult to use these concept if the person if from another culture, never mind the same continent. Although akiwowo was criticised, he is however praised for raising the idea of using the indigenous culture to produce concepts, even though the concepts were not used in sociology. Bantu phil... ... middle of paper ... ...the global sociology dominate. 2. Conclusion In conclusion these multiple differences within and between states produce pluralistic sociologies that are evident in the world. Additionally there is also an influence of ethnocentrism that states that there is only one valid sociology, usually identified with the Western sociology. Therefore this situation poses a challenge in the development of pluralistic sociology because the Western sociology are the powerful intellectuals in the world. Meaning that there is no general universally applicable social theory is possible, social instances are not the same and people hold different meanings to them in different parts of the world. Therefore many Sociologies from different context that are applicable to different societies in reference to their historical background and are explanatory to its differences are important

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