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Smoking tobacco in any form like as cigarettes or pipes has been proven to produce many health problems. Although smoking rate is decreasing among people, smoking is still responsible for one of the highest causes of preventable deaths in US adults. The smoking habit almost always begins at an early age. In the U.S. over 70% of adult smokers began smoking before the age of 18. Today about 6 million American teenagers smoke regularly. I started to smoke 1991, when I was in high school. I used to smoke with my school friends only for fun, yet it became a habit. My friends and I would smoke to show others that we are grown up. After a while I smoked to relive my stress. So, I had smoked after my all meals, drinks, or even after having coffee or sodas. By becoming addicted to smoking, my health had declined and had a direct effect on my daily life. I used to play soccer and I selected by federation to play soccer in school Olympic team. At the time that I selected as player for the school soccer team, I smoked one or two cigarettes just for fun. I did not know that how nicotine can make me addicted. At the time I was a very good player and federation wanted me to arrange the team and select players from good soccer players. I should practice with them and introduce the best players to the federation for final pickup. Also, all my coaches knew that I had studied soccer in school; they wanted me to show up my talent and be a role model for other players. Therefore I should practice with players every day, yet every day I could feel the affect of smoking more and more. For instance, I remember that one day, every 20 minutes; I had to leave my position to smoke. Everyone found out that I could not run normally so they complained abo... ... middle of paper ... ... I made a list positive tobacco alternatives. I told to myself to throw away all my cigarettes and lighters. I had to deal to myself seriously, it was difficult but I could do that finally and become a winner. I did quite it forever. The first two weeks was so hard and it was unbelievable to describe it. I could see that returning to past situation, I started to work out and I changed my eating habits. After quitting I could see that my breathing went back to normal mode and my eyes and tooth’s changed the color. If I didn’t like soccer I didn’t quit the smoke, I knew that more than thousand diseases could happen to me if I kept smoking. I believe that by changing this habit I can live stronger and healthier. Through my experience I have only found one good reason to smoke, to kill myself. People do say smoking relieves stress and this is partly true, after all

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