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The Role of Brands in Children’s Lives Due to the fact that likenesses of Disney, Harry Potter, and The Muppets characters are plastered on every available commodity, the messages a brand delivers greatly shape children’s lives. A study done on the effects of the media on children concluded that a child is easily influenced by new sources and experiences, especially those in the media (Li-Vollmer and LaPointe, 93). This means that the more a child encounters a different extension of a brand, the more that child is influence by the message of that brand. A Disney character will be the same in a theme park, a movie, and a storybook, but the child is newly influenced because they are encountering the character in different contexts. The study also found that a child is more easily influenced by the media than an adult and so the lessons a child learns early on will likely stick with them throughout their life (Li-Vollmer and LaPointe, ). Much of what a child learns is from the media they encounter and Li-Vollmer and LaPoint assert that children’s animated movies are more than entertainment; they are a “source of a cultural pedagogy, functioning as educator, moralist, and cultural encoder” (). Media has become a supplemental educator of children, and in some cases the media is the only educator. The information that a child collects from both real encounters and those they encounter while viewing media images also influences the way “children organize information about gender roles and gender performances” into their understanding “about what it is to be male or female” (). The influence the media has over a child shows that the media performs an important role in a child’s development and a child’s understanding of how others and the... ... middle of paper ... ...of the three brands and the role of brands in a child’s life were explored to show why the inclusion of positive queer characters in media is important. Finally an argument against the inclusion of queer characters was presented and deconstructed in order to show the flaws in the argument. Even though the current inclusion of queer themes and characters is flawed, there is still a chance to change the messages that are delivered to our children. A new generation of people that are currently infants is a generation that has not yet been influenced by the media. The inclusion of positive queer characters and themes in new children’s movies would be mean that this new generation will receive messages of acceptance. The dominance of heteronormative themes can be shifted to make difference the norm. In order to end hate, the change in children’s media needs to happen now.

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