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Parental controls and methods are more important now than ever before. With what is shown on television all over America today, parents have to more aware of what their children are watching. Television is a modern way to send out news and make people attentive of their tragic surroundings. Television is becoming more of an awful influence on today’s society. Even though television is a popular way to spread important information no matter the content and a good form of entertainment; parents must be couscous of the sexual appeal of commercial, violence, and the enormous appeal it has on buyers that over spend.
T.V. can spread news fast and is also a great past time. News no matter how violent, is informing people of what is around them and what to watch out for (“Preface to “What…). Although news can be informing, it can be seen by the wrong audience, such as young children and give them the wrong idea on how the world is. However Sesame Street was a good learning show for children there are still plenty of shows out there that may disturb today’s youth. “The T.V show didn’t just mix education: It was a full blown collaboration commercial showmen and social engineering” (Walker). Television has many negative sides to it one if the greatest ones are how revealing television is becoming.
Television commercials are starting to become more revealing and make it seem as if the audience has to look a certain way. Sexist advertising is making gender stereotypes, showing nudity, and sex. “Unrealistic expectations of women's bodies and resulting body image problems, sexual and domestic violence, and sexist men are being reinforced as an acceptable form of behavior” (“Many Advertisements are...”). These advertisements are shaping our soci...

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...nvince them to buy things they do not need (“ADVERTISING MAKES YOU BUY…”). Television commercials need to be designed for children and need to be less forceful when it comes to advertising.
Although television is Americas past time and helps spread the news, it can be very graphic, television implies offensive gender roles, different types of violence, and persuades many to spend great amounts of money. Commercials may lead to low self-esteem or even self-harm. Additionally it allows children to imitate violence seen on T.V.; they can hurt themselves or others around them. Finally television causes Americans to spend enormous amounts of cash on unnecessary products. Television is worsening every day; tragic accidents are caused because of T.V. the best way to prevent these incidents it to decrease the time people spending watching T.V or using parental controls.

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