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There are three words that impact American Society greatly and they are Race, Class, and Gender. They have caused tension in our country and unnecessary criticism toward people. When these topics come up in discussion, a lot of people chose to not even partake, due to the hard feelings and awkward moments that come along with the matter. As bad as it may seem that these problems exist, it is something that should be change because it is constantly bringing down America as a whole. Prejudice and discrimination are common words in the average American’s vocabulary, but due to the lack of knowledge, most do not know the differences in the meaning of these two words. Prejudice means that a decision was already made about the topic before hand. Someone is considered prejudice if they have made up their mind about a topic before any reasoning is made towards them. The sad part is, normally, reasoning will not change their opinion on the subject, however sometimes it does. Some common examples of prejudice I see in today’s society would be when someone says, “people in fraternities and sororities just drink and do drugs all the time” or “women belong in the kitchen”. Fraternity members actually have a high graduation rate then the non-Greek student body. There are actually more men chefs in today’s society as well. Prejudice can even become discrimination. Discrimination is usually determined from a judgment being in favor towards or against something based on a specific racial and or ethnic group that individuals belong to. Discrimination is such a biased perspective due to the fact that not every person in a specific group is like one another. Humans should be evaluated by their individual value or quality. Both race and gender ar... ... middle of paper ... ...over? We should consider more important characteristics of people like hard work ethic, credentials, temperament, or their dedication towards something. In my opinion, this is a more logical way of thinking and I believe would lead to a more peaceful and productive society. Our ideas originate from the past, and while they have lead to creating the greatest country on the planet, they also affect our society negatively. Straying from old ways of thinking and change is the only way to advance in life. If you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results. It is time to change society’s outlook on certain subjects in order to further our country as a whole and for the good of man. It is time for change. Life is never going to be completely fair, that’s just a fact plain and simple, but this should not discourage us from change and making a difference.
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