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Online Education Technology is now an essential part of the modern world. With a computer connected to the Internet, people are allowed to do most things online and it has gradually become a substitute for the traditional activities. A part of this trend is an online education. Nowadays, students can study in a university that could be half way across the Earth or just only enroll into an online class as a part of their education. It is important to remember that times are changing, so too are technology and preferences of the average student. An online class or education can be very beneficial in that; it creates a healthy student environment that can lead to better student efficiency and productivity. This can also further promote active contribution while ironically, it protecting academic integrity (Gikandi, Morrow and Davis 2333). The Advantages of Online Education One of the merits of online education is the ease with which ideas are shared among learners involved in any study module. To some extent, this is made possible by the formative assessment that is employed in gauging the level of learning among the online learners. In this regards, formative assessment should be different from the conventional assessment incognizant of the validity traits of online learning. These traits are learner support, effective formative feedback, authenticity of assessment and multidimensional perspectives. Research shows that online formative assessment is quite rich in imparting of important life skills by the use of broad approaches that enhance learning outcomes. This is unlike in conventional class formative assessment that only involves fixed approaches to assessment. Online learning usually involves the learning together of stud... ... middle of paper ... ... in learning. In this regard, people can benefit on technology and be occupied in online education, which is as good as conventional learning. Concisely, online education has other benefits over conventional classroom learning in that its formative assessment is better and diverse. This leads to better and improved learning outcomes as opposed to classroom learning. There is also a positive correlation between the social interactions in online education and the learning outcome because the people involved have different social backgrounds. Undeniably, research has revealed that there is a need for social interaction among online learners for positive and success of learning. In addition, online learning has some prestige attached to it besides enhancing employability of people. Succinctly, classroom learning is very rigid and limiting especially to mature students.
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