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In the discussion of ‘’to what extent does globalization contribute to sustainable prosperity for all people’’ many people have different ideas of whether or not it does help all people. Globalization contributes to both sides. It contributes to the extent that one side benefits positively. While the other side gets more harm from globalization then it does get benefits. A very good example of globalization contributing positively and negatively for different parts of the world is the clothes industry in Bangladesh. Recently covered by the news was the horrifying news that as workers in clothe factories in Bangladesh die from unsafe conditions the clothes industry is booming in other parts of the world. Cheap clothing is growing all over the world, the cheaper the better, Bangladesh provides cheap clothing for the world as a result parents have to spend less giving them more money to spend elsewhere. As for the people in Bangladesh over 4 million are working in these unsafe factories most of them being women, it is estimated that the amount of factories and people being hired for jo...

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