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Football is a classic American pastime that has been thrilling spectators for decades. As with all sports, rules are established in football to avoid potential dangers. One of the most serious risks associated with football is concussions. A concussion is a hit-induced injury that causes any sort of malfunction in the brain. When the brain does not function properly, a person is exposed to a mental degradation that can result in a loss of self-being and independence. Concussions are becoming the main suspect for mental challenges in football players as the result of an overlooked modern game.
First, the primary causes of concussions in football are players competing with a history of brain injury, the size of players, and the speed of delivered hits. Many participants continue to hit the field despite a common trait of previous head trauma which can pose a higher risk for receiving a severe concussion. In fact, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association conducted a study in 2010 and discovered that only 42% of high schools have a certified trainer on call with the proper knowledge to identify if a player is safe to participate (Hruby 141). Additionally, forty percent of concussed players return to the game before completely healing (Kluger 46). The monstrous and ever-increasing size of modern football players is another concussion inducing factor. For example, over the last forty years the average size of National Football League (NFL) players has increased by sixty-five pounds resulting in head hits powered by a mass of three hundred and fifteen pounds (Gregory “Problem” 38). Furthermore, in 1980 only three NFL players weighed more than three hundred pounds; meanwhile, in 2011 the number of players weighing over three hundred p...

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...n be diminished as people become more aware of the danger in outdated training methods and equipment.
To conclude, mental instability is common among football players because of concussive head trauma. The mentality of players in the modern game of football has glorified hard hits rather than touchdowns and has led to players underestimating their own strength until it is too late. Irregular and impulsive behavior is a potential effect of a concussion and may lead to a player’s complete mental breakdown. CTE is a brain defect kindled by head hits and collision that will require players to adjust to a new mentality and lifestyle. Concussion prevention is within the control of coaches and players all it takes is patience and evaluation of the situation. Despite its spotlight in American culture, the thrill of football cannot compensate the consequences of the game.
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