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This experiment is being carried out because we want to learn what happens when cooking and consuming a s’mores, which is 2 graham crackers, 1 roasted marshmallow, and 1 cube of Hershey’s milk chocolate. The purpose is to see and record the energy conversions when you make then eat a s’mores, these conversions include: light, sound, thermal, chemical energy. If you roast a marshmallow, and eat it, then you are converting many different types of energy. For example, when you eat the s’more the energy for the marshmallow, which was chemical energy is now transferred to thermal energy. In this experiment you will need: safety goggles, paper towels, a heaet source, two graham crackers, a cube of milk chocolate, and a fluffy marshmallow. You will also need a stick to roast the marshmallow on. Once you have gathered all your materials you should put on your safety goggles before you turn on the heat source, also place a paper towel on a flat surface or table and put one graham cracker down onto the paper towel. Then, you should place your marshmallow on the top of the stick, you should place it so that it is stable but not far enough that you see the stick through the marshmallow. Next you should hold the marshmallow over the top of the flame and rotate the stick a few rotations, until the flame is on the marshmallow. Once it is heated you will need to blow it out, and cool it off. Then you turn off your flame, or heat source and slide the marshmallow onto the graham cracker that you place on a table or flat surface earlier. Later you stack the chocolate on top of one of the marshmallow and graham crackers. You could also place the marshmallow on top of the chocolate, this is your preference. Lastly finish off the s’more by placin... ... middle of paper ... ... step is converted to something different, and the energies in this lab are endless because you do many different things, form gathering the materials, to roasting the marshmallow, and the type of heat transfer that occurs when roasting marshmallows is called conduction or direct heat transfer. It occurs when the molecules from the fire, which are faster moving, collide with the cooler molecules of the marshmallows. When these fire and marshmallow molecules collide, the molecules of the marshmallows are made to move faster and become hot. You then have to make the treat, and you are usingkinetic energy to move all the ingredients, and turn on the bunsen burne. Then the flames and fire are producing sound, thermal and light energy. Lastly you are converting the chemical energy in the fod to thermal energy to enjoying a sugary, and sweet s’more. It is delicous science!
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