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Today’s smartphones has been all over the places since the last six years when Apple introduced the one button smartphone to build the costumer market, but in certainty smartphones has been in marketplace since 1993. The difference among today’s smartphones and early smartphones is that early smartphones were mostly intended for companies users and used as enterprise devices and also and those phones were costing too much if the general consumers wanted to use. The smartphones revolution is distributed into three main stages. First stage was simply meant for enterprises, during this all the smartphones were aimed to the companies and the functions and features were responds to the requirements of companies. Blackberry is considered as the innovative of this period of time, it introduced many features including email, internet, web browsing and the camera. The second stage of smartphones period started with the introduction of iPhone, the most important innovation smartphone in market since 2007. Apple has exposed its first smartphone in 2007. This was the first time an industry came up with smartphone targeting the general consumer market, at the end of 2007 google exposed its android OS with the intention to approach the costumer smartphones market. Moreover, this stage of smartphones has been introduced features that the general costumer’s requirement such as email, social networking, audio/video, and internet access (Wi-Fi), etc… The third stage was mostly to terminate the gab among enterprise centric and the general costumer centric and improves the display quality, introduce more powerful batteries and improve the user interface and more many features within these smart devices. Its insightful and persisten... ... middle of paper ... ...a, currently users download third party software for video chatting. Google has decided to make their Pre-installed app for Live Video Chatting. • Optimized for Quad core processor: With the advancement of technology, new ultra high speed processor clocking at up to 2 GHz are used. Android 5.0 will be optimized to run on it. • SMS sync between phone and SIM: Since received messages are stored in phone memory, Users lose their messages if they change their handset. Google should solve this issue by enabling SMS sync between phone memory and SIM memory. • Multiple device support. The new Android OS might include multiple device support for synchronizing various Android devices. Currently this is not possible. • Integrated Social network apps. • Improve battery and startup time. • Multi-select option in Contacts. • Advanced File Manager.

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