slavery 18th century

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Slavery during the 18th century was not uncommon; the slave trade proved to be very profitable to those who could afford to buy slaves. These slaves were used for various types of jobs: cooking, cleaning, laundry, farming, baker etc. In New France the slaves often lived inside with their masters whereas in Virginia, the slaves were confined to “Negro Shacks”. Ultimately, the living and working conditions in New France were not as harsh as the conditions faced by slaves living in Virginia. The living conditions faced by slaves during the 18th century in Virginia were a lot more difficult than those faced by slaves in New France. Slaves were not seen as people but rather as property. They received harsh treatment and the only medical care they received was when they were on the verge of death. Slave owners allowed them to receive medical treatment in order to keep from losing their investments. In Virginia, Slaves were confined to sleeping in what were “Negro Shacks”, they were small huts separated from the owners home. These shacks were always supervised in order to make sure the slaves didn’t run away. The theory behind these shacks was to make the slaves feel inferior to free men. They can be related to animals living in a barn as they were only allowed out when told to work. The slaves were malnourished and were not properly clothed. This allowed them to become very vulnerable to illnesses. Due to them being forced to live in the shacks together, if one slave became ill, it would not take long for the others to catch the illness as well. In New France the living conditions seemed like royalty compared to those of the slaves in Virginia. The slaves in New France lived with their owners. Their living conditions can be compared ... ... middle of paper ... ...s, Michael L. Strangers Setting Among Us. 2nd ed. Vol. 108. N.p.: Virginia Magazine of History & Biography, 2000. 155-80. Print. Schwarz, Philip J. "Law & Social Inquiry." Turning the Tables: Slaves and the Criminal Law, 1705-1865. 3rd ed. Vol. 15. N.p.: Wiley, 1990. 611-23. Print. Vachon, André. "Biography – Marie-Joseph Angelique – Volume II (1701-1740) – Dictionary of Canadian Biography." Biography – MARIE-JOSEPH-ANGÉLIQUE – Volume II (1701-1740) – Dictionary of Canadian Biography. University of Toronto/Université Laval, 1969. Web. 20 Sept. 2013. WALKER, JAMES W. ST. G. "Black Canadians." - The Canadian Encyclopedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2013. Winks, Robin W. "Slavery in New France, 1628-1760." The Blacks in Canada: A History. 2nd ed. McGill-Queen's UP, 1997. 1-23. Print. Winks, Robin W. "Slavery." - The Canadian Encyclopedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2013.
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