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The Old Queen’s Campus has its own unique aspects within each corner of its historic land. The six buildings remaining on the Queen’s Campus look so different from one another because they were each built by different architects. Each architect came with their different cultures, backgrounds, and traditions. All of these aspects showed in each of the six buildings that were erected on the Queen’s Campus. The design of each building reflected the historical time period in which they were designed. The six buildings of the Old Queen’s Campus were different from one another due to the student life, which took place within them. The buildings on the Queen’s Campus were influences by not only the historical time periods and the functions they were to serve, but also by the other seven colonial colleges that were chartered by King George III of Great Britain. Each of the six buildings that stand on the Old Queen’s Campus has its own history, design, function, student life, designer, traditions, and culture.
Old Queens was the first building built on the Old Queen’s Campus. It was designed by an American architect named John McComb, Jr. in the year 1809, however, it was not completed until 1823 for financial difficulties. The Old Queens build was used for the academic work of the College, the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, and the Rutgers Preparatory School, then known as the Grammar School. At the when the Old Queen’s Campus was formed multi-purpose college buildings were common due to the very small number of students that were enrolled in schools and the less complicated curriculums in the largest construction projects in the American colonies. The Old Queens building like the typical college buildings at the time was designed ...

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... in New Jersey. His profession was in importing Window-glass in New York City. This sum of money, however, was not enough to complete the construction of Schanck Observatory. The cost of the Observatory increased to 60,000 dollars, which included the equipment. The Schanck Observatory is a two story octagonal building, with a smaller rear annex, and a rotating roof overlooking George Street. The Observatory is an example of Romantic Classicism in America. The location of the Observatory at the time it was built was ideal for the students to see the consolations clearly. When Johnson and Johnson built a parking deck with massive lights, it became hard to see the stars in the through the Observatory. An observatory simply served to raise the astronomer above the noise, smoke and turmoil of the streets. Therefore, the location of the Schanck Observatory was critical.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that each of the six buildings on the old queen's campus has its own history, design, function, student life, designer, and culture.
  • Explains that the old queens building was the start of many other historic buildings built on the old queen's campus.
  • Explains that geological hall was designed by henry janeway hardenbergh, the great-great grandson of the first president of rutgers university.
  • Explains that van nest hall was designed and built by nicholas wyckoff in the year 1847. the first floor housed the two nineteenth century literary societies, philoclean and peitessophian, the museum and professor lewis c. beck’s chemical laboratory.
  • Explains that winants hall was designed by van campen taylor, a new york city architect, in the year 1890.
  • Explains that kirkpatrick chapel was designed by henry janeway hardenbergh in the year 1872.
  • Explains that schanck observatory was designed by willard smith and was an example of romantic classicism in america.

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