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“A Rose for Emily” p.220 At the beginning of the story, the narrator recalls the time of Emily Grierson’s death and how the entire town attended her funeral in her home, in which no stranger had entered for a little over ten years. Throughout the story, the narrator explains what has happened with Emily and how her death had sparked a great deal of curiosity to the townspeople about why she barely goes out and the mystery as to why a man named Homer Barron has never left. After she is buried, a group of people enter her house to see what remains there. The door to her upstairs bedroom is locked, which lead to some of the people to kick the door down to see what has been hidden for so long. Inside, among the possessions that Emily had bought for her wedding with Homer Barron, lies a decomposed corpse of Barron on the bed with, on the pillow beside him, an indentation of a head, and a single thread of Emily's iron-gray hair. This story took place not too long after the civil war in a small town called Jefferson. Jefferson is a southern town that used to be surrounded by aristocrats, Emily being one of them. Once the South lost to the North during the Civil War, its image changed into a more industrialized one. The story starts off with a description of how beautiful Emily’s house once was. As the years passed by, the house became run down and dreadful. The point of view for this story is first person. The people of Jefferson are the ones that narrate the story. First person narration is used to reveal the story of Miss Emily. It unfolds the story based on what the townspeople know and have seen. The theme is death, isolation, and the inability to change. The protagonist of the story is Emily because she is the central characte... ... middle of paper ... ...f her flashbacks abandoned her on their wedding day. She lost not only her future husband, but also her self-esteem. Eventually, she married a man named John had four children. But he died young, leaving her to raise the children on her own. Her losses make their mark on her. The protagonist is Granny Weatherall. The story revolves around her in her dying state. She is also a round character since she changes her thoughts on life throughout the story. The antagonist of the story is George. He jilted Granny Weatherall, leaving her alone at when she was young. Another antagonist can be Granny herself. She used her own thoughts of the past to haunt her, making her wary of the afterlife. The color blue was a symbol in the story. It symbolized the stages of Granny’s life. Also, the name Weatherall symbolizes all the hardships that Granny has went through all her life.
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