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Sexism in Politics Kunali Shah, Ashli Malone, Angelica Lobiondo, Marefia Yisak, Aquiel Reinhardt (MAAAK 5) Scandal Clip Background On Clip/Show This excerpt of a clip is from a show called Scandal. Scandal is a show that started in the year 2012 and it is currently on its third season. The creator of the show is Shonda Rhimes, which in turn has also created Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Background on Clip/Show (cont’d) It is about a woman, Olivia Pope, who has a team that is supposed to protect the highest people in office from as the show suggest scandal, and from it leaking to the public. This clip shows a theme that is shown throughout the show on several occasions, that theme is sexism in politics. Background on Sexism Sexist attitudes stem from traditional stereotypes of gender roles, which believes that a person of one sex is intrinsically superior to a person of the other. Gender inequalities have been dated back as far as the Hammurabi code in ancient civilization and various religious documents and laws. Early cultures tied a woman to either a patriarchal figure, because they were thought incapable of life without a man. Women today have learned to deal with sexism in their own ways whether it is to play into the stereotypes, fight against it or just live platonically with them. History of Sexism Women have been viewed as the weaker sex. They were the care takers of the home, expected to watch and raise the children, and make sure their husband’s were presentable for a productive day at work. Women had earned the right to vote in 1928, but had little say in personal lives. It wasn’t until the 40s and 50s that women began to take part in the workforce by necessity... ... middle of paper ... ...lationship. Sports is another place where men are portrayed as unfaithful or players for instance Tiger Woods scandal. Another example are the television advertisements reflecting images of men being incapable of critical thinking. Advertisements like Old Spice, and Axe exhibit this notion that to be a “real man” males need that product being sold. Conclusion While sexism isn’t as prevalent as it once was, there is still a fissure between the sexes. There are images in commercials, movies and video games that are blatant examples of sexism, yet it is being ignored for the most part. Sexism affects not one but both sexes and should be eradicated as a whole. There are songs, television shows, and many other popular forms of mass media that flagrantly promote misogyny and misandry even today. Until this nation deals with sexism, equality will never be achieved.

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