see you tomorrow then?

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"Not gonna say anything?" she questioned. we had been standing there for a good three minutes, just staring at each other. At least, it felt like three minutes. I wasn't exactly in the mood to deal with Amy at the moment, so I had kept silent hoping she would just leave. No such luck. "Nope." "Right. So, have fun last night? I know I did." She said. I noticed how bruised up her nose was and how hard she had tried to cover it up with makeup. "I did actually. How's your nose?" "You know I've tried being nice to you-" "Was I present during those moments?" I interupted. "Because I don't recall that. I remember you being a bitch and threatening me, but other than that." She gave me one of her famous Amy smirks. They were famous to me, at least. "Threats? What threats Sky? I just remember trying to be friends with you all year and finally I get you to open up and help us with homecoming and then you hit me? And for what? Honoring your parents memory by saying nice things about their daughter? Shitty reason to hit someone if you ask me." She said. "So that was your plan make me look like the bad guy or something?" "No, Skylar, it's much bigger than that." she smiled. "Then what?" "If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?" I stood there dumbfounded. What could she possibly be planning? I wondered. "Right, so I'll just be going then." I turned to walk away. She caught my arm and turned me to face her again. "You're not going anywhere." She said evilly. I managed to escape her grip and ran for it, afraid of what they might do to me. I took a quick look behind me to see that they were chasing me. I rounded a corner trying to lose them. I started running faster. There... ... middle of paper ... No, all I get is blackness aparently. Maybe this was hell. It would make a good hell. Being in complete blackness with nothing but your thoughts to keep you company, it would drive you mad. My mind kept going back to my Grandma and how she was goin to deal with this. She could barely deal with my mom being gone. Now I'm gone? I was all she had left and Amy took that from her. The thought made me furious. Amy wasn't just hurting me, did she not realise that? Suddenly I felt nothing again. Then it felt like I was asleep. I couldn't even think about anything. It was like my mind was shut off. The next time I was consious again, I was in the forest. The same forest I died in. Or at least I thought I died in. Slowly I stood up, taking in my surroundings. Then I looked down and saw me. I saw myself lying there beaten and bloody. And dead.
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