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Nature has been solving problems and becoming more efficient for many thousands of years through evolution. Therefore, it makes smart business sense to try to capitalize on those advancements by following nature’s example. There is vast potential to help us make current products better by adapting them with nature’s insights built in. For example, on page 200 of the Playbook, a company called Calera implemented biomimicry into its cement designs to make them more efficient and less polluting. This is done by extracting the greenhouse gasses that are emitted from manufacturing, which the company then injects back into the cement it makes. The company started this process after seeing the same activity by ocean creatures who use it to make shell and reef material. Also described on the same page, Boeing was able to increase the fuel efficiency of their airplanes by adapting their wings to to more closely resemble those of bats and dragonflies. This led to less air resistance, allowing the planes to save three percent more fuel on their trips. Another wise strategy that one can take adv...

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