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Greek literature and Victorian literature writers try to express how society viewed women in their time period. The authors show how women should act and behave in their society. Throughout the years, many readers can relate to each of the plays and poetry. The strong significance to the work and the life of the reader; the author expresses in each of the work how the reader can take the significant message away and help the reader throughout his or her life. Throughout my life the poetry of Sappho and the plays of Antigone and A Doll's House has impacted my life. Sappho has impacted my life, throughout her poetry. Sappho informs the reader about homoerotic love and (insert term from notes). While reading her poetry, she informs myself that homosexuality is not an “abomination” it is perfectly normal and natural. Sappho writes about how it is normal for humans to fall in love and to embrace the love between the same-sex couples. In the poem He is More than a Hero, “If I meet you suddenly, I can't speak -- my tongue is broken.” She is showing the reader how sexuality does not matter; everyone falls in love the same way. Sappho has impacted my life with her poetry, showing the importance to take time for your loved ones. In her poetry she writes about her daughter, smelling her daughter’s hair and enjoying the moments with her daughter “Cleis who is like a golden flower” (Sleep, darling Sappho). Meaning she informs the reader how he or she needs to take the time to appreciate the little things in life. As a college student, and with a new niece, Sappho has encouraged me to spend as much time with my niece as possible, since one day she will be a grown woman. Sappho is a brave woman, writing about her love for women in the Ancient... ... middle of paper ... ...and your children! And you do not consider what people will say!” (Ibsen 68 In the A Doll’s House, Nora leaves her husband and children, whom she realizes she will never be able to see again. She does not have the perfect marriage, her husband. Nora is the prime example for women, a woman must know herself before she can love and marry a man and have children. Sappho, Antigone and A Doll’s House have impacted myself in various different ways. From being able to stand up for ones own right to being accepted of one’s love interest. All of the works show how women in society should stand up for themselves and not to be afraid. Sappho tries to show how society should be open-minded. Antigone symbolizes how women should find their voice and stand up for their beliefs. Nora in A Doll’s House shows there is more to meet the eyes of a woman. A woman is smart and cunning.

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