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Art direction: from Concept design to Audience development course is designed to provide intermediate and advanced levels of knowledge in art and cultural event creation along with the necessary organizational and execution strategies. The course integrates the theory and practice of art and cultural event production by implementing theory, case studies, reading assignments and practice that address cultural implications from the position of art directors’ activity. This approach will allow students to work interdisciplinary and by using media of their own choosing to explore and respond to issues raised by class discussions and assigned readings. Students will additionaly discuss the concepts of uniqueness, repetition and reproduction as ideas central to current art and cultural productions by focusing on aesthetic, economic, and social contexts. The course is divided into three modules: Art of Now, My Concept and I Made it Happen! Module 1 - Art of Now The principle aim of this module is to address questions as: What are contemporary art events? Who is producing them? Why are they important, and what effect do they have on our society? Are there common points of reference? How do we critique them? How do we develop new audience? In module 1 we shall look at different types of productions, different models and theories, different artists, and different ways of working. Through this module students will have encounters with members of the profession to discuss and plan their chosen art production. In order to address these questions this module will introduce events, ideas and discourses and will offer the opportunity to question and debate these ideas and practices. It will cover subjects as: What does it mean to collaborat... ... middle of paper ... ... eleven days to structure their own art project in a form of exhibit, film screening, performance or any other form of artistic event they have chosen. Venues to produce their events are: MMSU, Art Kino Croatia, Filodrammatica or any alternative space of their choosing in the city of Rijeka. The students will be guided and directed in the construction and production of their project
 and will work in an interdisciplinary manner, using media they choose to explore their forms and ideas within the context of the class discussions and course's readings. In third module apart from practical work students will learn and understand how to have integrated perceptions, turning physical and social space into creative practices that have, in turn, had a significant impact on the culture of the time. With the openings of student’s art events this class will be completed.

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