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Lincoln is a city with a colorful past and county town of Lincolnshire, England. The site evolved from the Iron Age settlement to the Roman town of Lindum Colonia and has managed to preserve its historic buildings, specifically the medieval core.
Educational Institutions
Lincoln is renowned for its academic institutions, the Bishop Grosseteste University, formerly a training college for teachers. It branched out to other courses with main focus on the arts and drama. It was granted University status in 2006.
The University of Lincoln started in 1996 as University of Lincolnshire and Humberside, with main outlet for Arts and Design studies. It absorbed the Riseholme Agricultural College in 2001, and took over the Hull campus the same year. Its name was changed to the present in 2002.
The school system in Lincoln is part of the Local Education Authority (LEA), with most schools having retained the grammar school system. Among the notable schools in the area are: William Farr School, and The Priority Federation of Academies. There are three other special needs school in Lincoln th...
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