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My education and the knowledge that follows it will become the basis to my future as an adult. The decision to choose a career path and begin to build your future is a crucial moment in every young adults life. After twelve years of school and studying, it is assumed that the time allotted would be plenty for me to choose which career is right. Based on clusters of enjoyable classes and keen skills developed, as a student, I thought I would be able to imagine what major I would like to pursue, but to my surprise I'm more confused than ever when it comes to my future career. In my time spent in school, I enjoyed various types of classes unrelated to one another. Some of these classes included American government, Theatre Arts, Psychology, and Spanish. All of these subjects were activities and subjects that I enjoyed taking, but I could not find a major/career that would incorporate all of these subjects. Although I don't know what major I want to pursue, I do know that I wish to receive the highest level of education possible. If at the end of my academic journey I am fortunate enough to receive a PhD, I will consider myself accomplished and best able to help society. I may not know how exactly I should help the society around me, I do know where I want to end up. I was hoping that through the rouse program, I could start the journey of finding out how to use my personality and skills to find a career I am passionate about. Through the program I hope to have a plan as to how to complete the rest of my higher education. With the help of the professors and counselors I know I could excel in this great program for talented and gifted students. I wish to attend the rouse program to not only excel academically, but individually as well.... ... middle of paper ... ...rther our education. As next year approaches, I worry that the financial load will only get heavier as my brother and I start college. I believe that with this scholarship I will have the ability to study freely without financial restraints holding me back. With the support of my family and hopefully the Rouse Program through this scholarship, I plan to reach my academic goals and get the education that I treasure so much. The money I receive will fund my future as I get reach my goal towards a better education. Whether I decide on law or medicine, the money I hope to receive will financially secure my decision. Hopefully, within the first two years of college I will discover which major I will pursue and prepare for the next chapter in my education. I hope that the place where I find myself as a student is at Howard Community Collage among the Rouse Scholars.
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