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Develop a research problem, purpose and questions. Problem Statement (as presented in activity #7). The requirement or need for developmental education has increased within community colleges all over the nation. While the need for remediation increases, retention and graduation rates are plummeting. There has been research done by many to better understand the epidemic of underprepared college students and their lack of success or persistence. While some have attributed the epidemic to a single reason, others have determined that there exist many barriers that many first-time entering freshman face. For many students, being a first generation student is an obstacle (Stebleton & Soria, 2012), for there is so much pressure to be successful, no external knowledge to help prepare them and lack of understanding of what to expect. Other students (single mothers and working husbands/fathers) may have family and work obligations (Brock, n.d.). These barriers along with the community college open admission standards, socioeconomic status (poverty), and the growth rate of remedial courses may have an effect on completion rate. The specific problem is to investigate interventions or best practices that will meet the needs of a growing and diverse population of students who require remediation. To meet the needs of such a population, new instruction and program methodologies should be considered No single intervention will be effective with every student; therefore, it has been suggested that colleges adopt a holistic approach to developmental education by looking at multiple strategies and promising practices or interventions. These include, but are not limited to, learning communities, supplemental instruction, embedded tutors, ... ... middle of paper ... ...ion of the research study. The mixed method approach will be advantageous in gaining statistical and perceptional data from the students in the program. It will also allow for a larger population. These two types of research can be combined to equal an even larger scale research project that would yield a lot of information. The quantitative research method could be used to determine if students are more successful in best practice program courses than in traditional courses. It could be used to determine if more students are retained in the redesigned courses than in 16-week courses. Then, the qualitative research method could be used to determine why students are more successful or why students were unsuccessful. It could be used to understand more about student perception and persistence behaviors while in redesigned courses versus traditional courses.

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