same sex marriage

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Same sex marriage
Same sex marriage has become one of the most controversial debates in today’s world. The debate cut across to all members of the society from human right activists, religion, political leaders, to common citizens. Various reasons have been used as the foundations of same sex debate. Some of which are religious beliefs and cultural practices. Different people argue differently with some arguing for while others against. Politicians, human rights activists and citizen seem to have varied opinions. However, religion tends to be inclined to one side where they argue against same sex marriage.
Firstly, an ideal marriage is a union between two heterosexual people. A union is realized only when marriage involves two heterosexual people. Same sex marriage cannot realize a bodily union during sexual activity which is a characteristic of a real marriage. Johnson (2013) argues that, sexual activity is divided into two, one that is unifying which is realized by heterosexual couples and the other one that is rather than unifying, it is just a ‘rubbing together’. According to ...

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