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In one month, about six percent of high schoolers stayed home from school because they felt unsafe there. This is one of the main purposes of why we need to make schools safer for everyone. Each and every person attending or working at a school deserves safety at all times. It is in the best interest of the students, staff, parents, and administrators. There are many different ways to make our middle school, Edgewood Middle School, a safer place for all. Each step is important and can create a satisfactory school for the future. To make Edgewood become a safer school, there was an assignment created, Project Citizen, which encourages the students themselves to create their ideas of how to have a safe school. One might ask, “What exactly is Project Citizen?” Well, Project Citizen educates students about school safety and how it could affect their school. It teaches students to problem-solve, help their school community, and brainstorm new ideas. Project Citizen has been worked on by 7th graders at Edgewood Middle School for about 14 years. It is a five-step project and is worked on during the third and fourth quarter. The goal of Project Citizen is to identify problems and come up with solutions, learn about world problems, and enhance students’ problem-solving skills. Project Citizen, like mentioned earlier, is completed at Edgewood Middle School. At Edgewood, there are over 600 students attending and over 70 staff members. It is located at 929 Edgewood Road, Highland Park, IL 60035. Edgewood is over 60 years old and is three stories high. The problems of school safety are; playground/sport safety, health safety, fire safety, tornado drill/weather safety, science/classroom safety, emotional/social safety, building safety, and in... ... middle of paper ... ...ct each other and show empathy towards others. Teaching students to be empathetic of others is very important so they can be able to step into someone else’s shoes and allow themselves to understand how they feel and see how others feel when they’re being bullied. This also shows them how they wouldn’t want this done to them. To do this, teachers can show videos of kids who have been bullied so students can see how others feel. They can also have open discussions in class about bullying to find out more about how the students feel. This will help to show students how the victim of bullying feels and why they wouldn’t want to be in this situation. If they realized that, they might also see that they shouldn’t bully other people since they would not want to be bullied themselves. In this situation, even small steps can make a big difference towards saving lives even.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that every person attending or working at a school deserves safety at all times. it is in the best interest of students, staff, parents, and administrators.
  • Describes project citizen as a five-step project that teaches students about school safety and how it could affect their school.
  • Explains that edgewood middle school is over 60 years old and has over 70 staff members. the problems of school safety are: playground/sport safety, health safety and fire safety.
  • Explains the two types of health safety, which include playground/sport safety and allergies. the first is the problem of students running on equipment, disregarding personal space, and physical violence.
  • Recommends daily checks of the playground, a peanut-free table, and hand sanitizer at edgewood.
  • Explains that bullying can destroy people's self-esteem, make them sad or depressed, or even result in suicide. many people want to put a stop to bullying in the highland park/edgewood community.
  • Explains that there are several small solutions to help this problem, such as educating students to respect each other and show empathy towards others.
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