sad days.

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I woke up to the music of my IPhone going off telling me someone was calling. I groaned and sat up in bed grabbing it from my Bedside table and unhooking it from its charger. "Hello?" I said in a sleepy voice, "Hey Raven!" I heard Ricky yelling happily "Ricky What do you Want? I was Sleeping you asshole." "Ouch! Don't you call me an asshole Missy." He said laughing and i just rolled my eyes. "Anyway, We are coming tomorrow early so make sure you are ready by 10:00 AM Okay?" He added "Couldn't this wait..until," I glanced at the clock " Not 6:00 am?" "Its Not 6:00." He said back clueless "FOR ME IT IS!" "Okay calm down" He laughed "I Love you I got to go." "Okay love you too. bye." "Bye" I groaned again and laid back down for a couple of minutes petting my cat who was sleeping next to me But then I had to get up for work.I walked to my Dresser and I got the clothes I needed for the day and went into my shower. I let the warm water stay on my skin for a while, before Washing my hair and getting out. I dried myself off and got dressed into This and Jack rubbed against the back of my legs. "Hi jack!" I petted his head and went down to the kitching with him following and i went over to his food bowl to feed him. "Yeah, come on eat" I said. I kind of had to help him since he was getting old. I checked the time on my phone and my eyes widened, I was going to be late. I Rushed out the door and To the parlor. "Hey Jade." She was sitting at her office-that all employees get and get to show their own differences-sketching a tattoo. "Hey Raven! Oh, I talked to Celeste and she needs you to be back around August 15th because Carina is going on maternity relief so we need some workers." I nodded. Celeste is the bitchy ... ... middle of paper ... ... crying? Whats wr-" "JACK DIED. I said braking down" "Oh my god. Rave, I'm so sorry, how bout the band tries to come earlier tomorrow, and we can bury him in the backyard together, so you don't have to do it alone." "That would be nice, Ricky..thank you. But what do I do with him now?" "Put a blanket over him until tomorrow." "Okay, Ricky. I'm going to go get changed and go." I paused. "I'm going to try to sleep." "OK Night sissy. Love you." "love you too big bruffer." "Bye." "Bye." I sat there on my bed for a while, trying to re-process every thing that just happened. I sighed and got up and got a small blanket and, walked over to jack and laid the small blanket over his body and kissed him on the head. I went over to my closet tying my hair into a bandanna and changing into This and crawled into bed. I shut my eyes, and cried softly as I fell asleep.
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