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Sacrificing is essentially a way of giving something up in order to benefit another person. Sacrifice holds different values for different people. To some, it may be the release of some sentimentally precious item; to others, it may mean to sacrifice their own life. My experience with sacrifice has led me to believe that it is best understood when compared to relationships with family. Sacrificing for a family member doesn’t necessarily mean you “owe” them; rather, it means that you love them and are willing to do anything to satisfy them. Despite letting go of something sentimentally precious, one is willing to sacrifice for their own family members because it’s a way of creating healthy relationships. Newlyweds undergo many sacrifices to obtain the pleasure of their spouse. The bride and groom both wait nervously before they exchange their vows. Husbands and wives must compromise. A successful compromise entails sacrifice from both. The marriage vows state that each is willing to lovingly sacrifice for the other, whatever the cost. Prior to the wedding, the husband might be an alcohol addict and he promises to abstain from overdose of alcohol, this acts as a sacrifice because the husband is willing to give up something pleasurable. On the other hand, the wife might promise to watch an hour of football although she passionately hates football. The couples strive to do things for each other that would help them remain together, but also happy and fulfilled in their marriage. Wedding vows might be a form of behavior sacrifice, but a mother’s sacrifice is by far the most important act of sacrifice. Let’s envision, a mother who’s been strenuously trying to conceive a baby, however her body isn’t cooperative. The mother was eventual... ... middle of paper ... ...e. At first I struggled, but luckily I was able to manage later on. Even though I was busy with college work and struggling to find any spare time for myself, I was able to sacrifice my time for my little sister. Family is a priority that surpasses anything that interferes with it. I believe in this world we must give up something in the exchange of getting something better. Sacrificing is essential for the solution of everyday problem. Modern American families are surprised at first that a simple principle like sacrifice provided solution to all their problems. We don’t value sacrifice as much as we value self-care. Sacrifice is doing something against your own inclination in order to please someone you love or not doing something that you’d like to do in order to please someone you love. It may seem costly at times, but sacrifice is a gift with many rewards.

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